Monday, November 24, 2008

LR-101 Combustion Chamber

A nice looking LR_101 combustion chamber/injector recently sold on EBay. These seem to be getting scarce as the prices are rising fairly quickly. I've seen several of these fired at the RRS. The most memorable one just managed to clear the tower before rust in the internal passages clogged the injector and caused the fully loaded rocket to come crashing down to the ground at the base of the tower and directly in front of the (substantial) spectator bunker. Cool!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More machining for Sugar Shot to Space project

I recently finished some more light machining for an upcoming static test of SugarShot's ProtoSShot-M Mark II motor. The work included cutting the casting tubes to length and making a new set of support rings. A recent Short Stack motor test utilizing titanium casting tubes revealed that they did not hold up as well as was expected. (see image below) That lead to a decision to use thicker walled titanium casting tubes, as well as several other minor changes. The move to thicker tubes necessitated the need for a second set of segment rings to be made.