Friday, May 1, 2009

Not Rockets

Other than offering a tiny bit of support to the ongoing Sugar shot project, I've been way too busy to do any real rocketry work. On top of being busy at work, we've decided to replace the floors at home with tile, to the tune of around 900 sq. ft. downstairs and 200 sq. ft. upstairs. I've decided to do the work myself. I convinced myself that it was a good way to save money, but the reality is that I kinda really enjoy the work. One of the first jobs that my dad had was as a stone mason, so maybe it runs in the family? It's going pretty well (I think) and I've gotten into a routine of laying whole tiles at night after the kids are asleep. By morning the mortar is set enough that they can walk on the tiles without causing any problems. Then on the weekends I cut and lay the smaller perimeter pieces when I can use the saw without annoying or waking anyone. In the bottom photo is how the floors looked before, and the other photos show the progression of the dining room area. Grout, baseboards, new carpet (on the stairs and upstairs), and paint still to come. Anyway, if anyone does actually follows this blog, stay tuned as I hope to get back to some rocketry work later in the year and finally fly this rocket.