Sunday, July 1, 2007

Nice Static Firing in Iceland

Congratulations to Magnus and friends. I saw that Magnus Mar Gudnason recently had a successful static test of his new design. Magnus and his friends have done some really nice work and I'm happy to see that he got a good test with this new motor. He has posted a lot of info on the Amateur Icelandic Rocketry forum, including drawings, photos of the assembly process, video, and results. Definitely worth checking out. I especially like that he is using a steel nozzle for this motor, for no good reason other than it looks cool. It seems like a lot of people opt for graphite when they get to larger sugar motors, I guess for the ease of machining. It should be an awesome flight when he's ready to fly it.

1 comment:

Magnus Gudnason said...

Thanks a lot for the kind words.

I have posted some more info on if you haven´t seen it yet.

And yes, steel nozzles are way to cool :)