Monday, October 8, 2007

New Motor

Here is a 3D model of the new motor. The insulation is not shown so that the grain assembly can be clearly seen. This motor uses a ring of screws to retain the nozzle and bulkhead that are not yet shown.

Here is a view inside the casing showing a propellant segment and the insulation.


Magnus said...

Hi Randy,

this is gonna be some sweet motor :)

Good luck on your static test.

These are some nice CAD drawings, are you using Solidworks or is it something else?

Did you got my reply on the email?

Magnus Gudnason
Amateur Icelandic Rocketry

Randy Dormans said...

Hey Magnus,
Thanks, it was an easy motor to put together, and I can fly it in an existing airframe, which is great since I have't had much spare time lately. Static test? I'm not planning a static test since the basic design is unchanged from the larger 6-grain version. Same casing material, Kn, grain segment dimension, insulation, burn time, etc.
I've been using Maya to do the renders.
I got your email, sorry I didn't respond. The offer still stands.
Hope all is going well for you in Denmark.


Magnus said...

Hey Randy,

I might try the Maya sometime since these drawings look very good.

It might be that I will take your offer since we are having a little problem right now because of some trouble at one of the local machining shops.

I will be in touch with you very soon or when we have figure out what we can do.

Thanks again and good luck