Sunday, October 19, 2008

MiniSShot Motor Parts

I just finished some grain support rings for an upcoming firing of the Sugar Shot to Space ProtoSShot-M Mark II motor. This will be the second firing of what is essentially the full, dual-phase, flight weight motor for the MiniSShot vehicle. While the motor was pretty sophisticated from the beginning, at this point I would say it's one of the of the most sophisticated amateur designed solid propellant rocket motors I've ever heard of. Some highlights of the design include a three piece nozzle, thin walled fiberglass casing, extensive use of a variety of ablative materials (commercially available asbestos based material, cork, and epoxy/glass), and major components made from steel, aluminum, and titanium. For more information and official updates on the Sugar Shot to Space project visit

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R2K said...

I really cant wait for this full scale flight! This is certainly the most advanced amateur motor ive seen.