Sunday, October 25, 2009

2.375" Motor Updated

I changed the design again. I decided to optimize the it for KNER propellant by adding two additional segments. The additional propellant brings the motor up to a solid L-class motor and the chamber pressure sims. at right about 1000psi. I'm hoping to have an opportunity to test fire it for the first time in early December
Update: I updated the SRM output to correct a mistake. I had been using the wrong grain OD.


Ben Brockert said...

Do you fly at FAR or RRS? It'd be an interesting test to see.

Randy Dormans said...

Hey Ben,
I've tested at both. I tentatively set my goal for getting this test ready for the annual RRS Christmas party/launch which is usually the first weekend in Dec, though I haven't heard about this year yet.
I'll post the firing date when I know for sure. Good luck to you guys on the LLC flights this week!