Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Sugar

I ordered a new batch of Erythritol. The previous brand that I used was Zsweet and the new stuff that I ordered is NowFoods. I have used Sorbitol from NowFoods before with very good results. It'll be interesting to see if there are any differences in the casting of the two different brands. I'll start by trying a straight KN/ER segment per the original design and see how that casts.

I've also made a new bulkhead and motor casing. The casing is identical, but the bulkhead is slightly different in that it has provisions for both the igniter and the pressure port. I had some concerns about the amount of wire that was in the motor at the last firing. Initially I thought that maybe the igniter had gotten bunched up and wasn't able to clear the nozzle thereby causing the over pressurization. We found the igniter shortly after the test though and it was clear that it hadn't plugged the nozzle and had been cleanly ejected from the motor. But why take any chances.

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