Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Upcoming rocket launch

The Reaction research Society's next launch is scheduled for the 17-18th of this month. This particular launch is specifically set up for the American Institute Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Young Engineers competition. I found this description of the competition online. In addition to the competition, members are encouraged to participate in the launch with their own projects. My latest motor project (the high L/d motor) is ready for another static test, but I really feel like flying something. Once I read a description of the vehicles they are planning to fly (four inch diameter with an expected altitude of 15,000 ft), I decided to fly the latest version of my camera rocket (four inch vehicle with an expected altitude of 18,000 ft). You can see the latest version here and the camera and overall configuration here. My intent was to fly this quite a while ago, but things got busy and I never launched it.

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Anonymous said...

how high much thrust would you need to escape earths gravity? once you reach 18000 ft, you would still have to escape gravity, but can you do that without special license and is it physically possible with small rocketry?