Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update (Sidewinder Nozzle Comparison)

This past weekend was busy and didn't leave a lot of time for rocketry. I did manage to get the first half of the new nozzle off the lathe and start on the second half. The first half of the nozzle is pretty hefty; I have to remind myself that this motor will produce over 1,600 lbs of thrust with a total impulse of around 8,000 lbs, so a nozzle that weighs in at 4-5 pounds isn't really an issue. In the photo it's next to an early Sidewinder missile nozzle (on the left). Compared to that nozzle it doesn't seem too hefty at all...

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Ken Kzak said...

Looks sweet!
As a metal lathe owner and maker of many graphite nozzles, I can readily appreciate the undertaking.
Your blogposts have inspired some additional metal nozzle CAD time.

Life wouldn't be worth living without a taper bar.