Sunday, June 3, 2012

SStS Test Parts Finished

I finished the test parts that I was working on and Rick picked them up yesterday afternoon.  He and Paul were going attempt the first test this weekend.  I was scrambling to get the parts done in time for this weekend, the steel bulkhead took a bit more time than anticipated, but hopefully the parts serve their purpose well. 
Here I'm tapping the steel bulkhead:
I was starting the tap in the v-block on the drill press to get it started straight then laying it flat to get a good enough grip on it to turn the tap.  The whole process of tapping the bulkheads took longer than I was expecting, but when you're tapping or threading it's definitely best not to rush.

Here are the finished parts:

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455 stainless bars said...

what did you use to tap both steel? your setup looked awesome.