Wednesday, May 2, 2007

April 28th Launch

I have flown this rocket before and it flew very well (straight), so I decided to fly it again with the largest motor that I could construct to that would still fit into the aero shell. I also decided to add a video camera and a boat tail. Top two photos by Chris Neuhahn and bottom two by Dave Allday


Magnus Gudnason said...


I see that you are using a "closed" launch tower.

You don´t use any launch lugs, right?

I´m just wondering if this kind of launch tower scratched the rocket at some extend at liftoff?

Nice rocket by the way

Randy Dormans said...

You are absolutely right, there are no launch lugs on the rocket. Damage to the finsih is minimal. I have a rocket that I have launched out of a similar launcher at the site five times now and only recently did a slight repair to the finish.