Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Nozzle

I recently began working on a new nozzle for the Sugar Shot project. You can read more about the project here. This nozzle is intended to be used for the MiniSShot motor. This Motor is a very ambitious design being a two phase motor like our earlier BEM design and because, for the first time, we will be using a composite motor casing. The nozzle for this motor is designed to isolate the composite casing from the hot nozzle as much as possible and as such the nozzle has been designed to consist of five separate components. The nozzle consists of a nozzle ring, nozzle shell, graphite insert, heat resistant gasket, and a cast in place ablative on the inlet side. I recently completed the nozzle shell which is one of the more complex pieces that I have fabricated. I am pretty pleased with the result and plan to move onto the nozzle ring next.

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Timothy said...

Would it be too much work to ask for the dimensions on that? Thanks!