Monday, May 7, 2012

First Launch

I was out at the FAR site helping out with a SStS static firing and took my son along.  It was his first time to the site and I think he loved it.  I certainly did.  I had a lot of fun watching him explore the area.  He scoured the facility looking for "treasure" at one point I looked in the back of the van and found a pile of this treasure consisting of a broken cinder block, a one inch iron rod, half a dozen rocks (one of which was cool enough that we actually brought it home), and various nuts, bolts, washers, and pieces of scrap metal.  We saw a couple of launches and  a few static test, all in all a good day.

Souvenirs found on one of the Lunar Lander Challenge pads

Guarding the SStS motor prior to testing

Running for cover

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