Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Static Test

I spent some time taking stock and organizing the garage workspace a bit this past weekend.  Not the most exciting thing, but useful.  Theo and I came across some old Estes motors and we decided to do a little impromptu motor test.  This motor was a D 12-5. 

 Here are the manufacturer’s stats on this motor:
Total Impulse: 16.84 newton-seconds
Peak thrust: 29.73 newtons
Burn Time: 1.65 seconds
Average Thrust: 10.21 newtons

The second image in the sequence is the motor under full thrust.  The third and fourth images are of the delay charge going off.  I drilled some vent holes in the wooden base, but they weren't enough to prevent the motor from ejecting itself from the "test stand", in this case a wooden block.  The motor only managed to go a few feet in the air.  Theo, "Whoa, we launched it!"

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