Friday, September 5, 2014

Supplies from McMaster-Carr

I placed an order for the last of the things I'll need for this motor test.  Addiitonally, I need to make some bases for the casting tubes.  I'm planing to machine them from wood so it should be quick.  I've used wooden casting bases in the past.   ("painted" with epoxy for strength and so they don't absorb grease used to keep everything from sticking together)

Supplies ordered for the TR-1 motor test:

O-rings Dash 242 (McMaster-Carr 9452K192)

Screws  low-profile alloy steel socket head cap screw  (McMaster-Carr 92220A182)

1 1/4" Delrin rod  2'   (McMaster-Carr 8572K23)

1500psi Pressure Gauge (McMaster-Carr 3845K1)

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