Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Theo and I had a little garage time this morning.   We managed to get the nozzle ring indexed for the six screws that connect the two nozzle pieces.  I indexed twelve locations just as a precaution, in  case one gets messed up somehow.  If I break a tap off and can't get the broken piece out, for instance.  Not likely with a 1/4" tap, but it didn't take much extra time. The part was then flipped and I began cutting it down the the correct diameter.  I can't wait to finish this part and move onto the easier machining 12L14 steel.  On the McMaster-Carr site they rate the machinability of steels in one of four groups from fair to excellent.  Common 1018 steel is rated as good and 12L14 as excellent.  The addition of a small amount of lead is what improves the machinaility of 12L14 so I take a few more precautions when machining it to keep it off  my hands.  I'd use 1215 steel which uses sulfur and phosphorus instead of lead to achieve the same machinability, but I never seem to be able to find it locally or on ebay at a good price like I can 12L14.  

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