Monday, June 3, 2013


I finished the motor casing for the P-class SStS TM-3 motor this weekend.  Not surprisingly, the 6061 t-6 aluminum tube was much easier to work with than the steel pipe used for the previous DSS test motors.  I'm pleased with the casing and can't wait to see the completed motor.

I also managed to get a good start on the divergence half of my N-class TR-1 motor.  The 12L14 leaded steel I'm using for this piece is noticeably easier to work than the regular 1018 steel used for the other half of this nozzle.  Using some good quality silver and deming bits I was able to remove a lot of material quickly. Well relatively quickly any way.  I want to get this piece finished this week so I can get the two halves of this nozzle together.

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